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How to get Free Forge of Empires Hack Free Diamonds

If you are here, you already know what the value of Diamonds in the Forge of Empire cheats game is. And how hard to earn them using organic way, I mean by playing it for a long time every day. So people who don’t have a lot of time, or a ton of money( I mean you can also buy the Diamond using real money). This way (online free Diamond Generator) is third most effective to get the diamond, and the more exciting thing is it is totally free, don’t know to require any money(We won’t ask for your credit card details or any personal info). It’s totally free, This is Forge of Empires Cheats community blog, so we started it to make Forge of Empires more fun for people, and give the edge to people who cannot afford to buy the Diamond or don’t have a lot of free time to spend on earning the Diamonds. So make this game interesting large audience we started this program. Enough about our Agenda let’s start how to get Free Diamonds.

Forge Of Empires


Click To Get Free Diamonds For Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Hack

It’s totally free, just click on the Forge of Empire Free Diamond Generator button above and below.

Step 1. Click on Generator button
Step 2. Give your Account name and select count of Diamonds

It will ask for the account id of your game, Diamond and Gold are Digital game currency, so it needs to link with the account it will be used.

Note:- Some people have this question, I will block my account, and my simple answer is “NO” and why, Well test it using the new account, Make a new account and then generate the free diamonds using that and then use them in the game. If it works perfectly, then it’s obvious it will work on your old account as well. It’s not rocket science.

Step 3. Verify, you are human :

We recently faced the robot(Automatic program) attack on our website, which was trying to steal all our free diamonds. So we introduce this concept of human verification. In this process, we ask a few questions, which can’t be answered by a robot. Robots are still kids. Hope so you won’t mind answering a few questions. It will take a minute or two.

Click To Get Free Diamonds For Forge of Empires
Step 4. All free Diamond will be added to your account automatically, now you can open your game and go crazy with your new diamonds.
Forge Of Empires Hack – Generate Diamonds, Gold and Supply

Forge of Empire is a mobile-based strategic game, in which you have to build your own city and develop it from stone age to the modern age. This is a fantastic game as you will have strategically design your town and build a defense and farming land etc. to produce the food, gold and all other basic necessities from the city. As you have enough of all the resources through Forge of Empires Hack you can upgrade your town to the next level to advance all your power of your different type of infrastructure.

Developing Your City – Winter Events

You have to create various building to make a city of yours. Noncommercial buildings require like home etc. to accommodate the human etc. More humans mean you can build more structure a produce more items of your use. Cultural and Decoration buildings also require to keep the residents of the city happy which will further increase their productivity. For the protection of the citizen, you need to develop the Military Buildings to produce weapons and military personals. Building will help you to generate crucial resources that will help you to grow your city quickly.

Resources and Spring Event

Resources play a critical role in this game, its all about how fast and effective you can produce them and how strategically you can use them on various task so that you can grow faster than your opponent and always have an edge on them. Forge of empires tips provides different material for free every day, for that, you need to sign in every day to claim them. And its also require some time to produce the resources, so after giving an order, you have to come back to obtain them and give new order. So it’s kind of keep you engage game.

On the other side, if you don’t gather your resources on time, they will get spoils. This can be very damaging to your city. But there is some way you can get these resources which can help you keep up with your enemy without wasting a lot of time on obtaining the resources. You can use the above-given Diamond generator to get enough diamond to keep up your daily task.

City Hall:

City hall is the center point of attraction in the city. All other structures in the city must be linked with City hall for correct functioning. Even if city grows, and plenty of structure but they all need to be build a way, they all have a road connected to the city hall for their proper functioning.

Growing Your City:

The whole point of this game is how practical is your strategy. And what I mean by it is, how fast you can grow your city and utilized your resources so that you can produce more to escalate your growth further. Growth will help you reach an advanced level of your game, and it will keep safe you from your opponent, and you can further fuel your growth by attacking your opponents and win the game. So thumb rule is just efficient and uses your resources wisely to be ahead in the game.

Coins and Diamonds Medals:

There is various way you can obtain the Cons and Diamonds.

  1. Generate Coins from the Residential structures.
  2. By finishing different quests.
  3. Offering help to another player with your
  4. Buy them using real cash. Yes, you can buy the Diamond and Coins using real money, just go shopping now the center of the game, give you credit info and buy as many as you want.
  5. Gain Diamonds by having competition matches with your opponent
  6. By taking part in a tournaments
Population And Happiness:

It’s very essential to keep the population happy. A happy citizen makes a pleasant city.

Well, it has economic benefits as well. A happy citizen will be more efficient and produce more resources. So keep building cultural and other art building. See them as a good investment, which will pay you back well. A satisfied citizen is gonna work more and earn more and end up paying more taxes, this will increase your income and production.

Overall, The Forge of Empires is an excellent game to master the art of strategy, which you can implement in your life. How to effectively utilize your resources like money and time to get best out of it.

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